In rural area quality of education is very poor due to many reasons. A student trained in government schools in rural areas is not able to compete with their counterparts trained in urban schools. Also, most of the people in rural area are economically weak to be able to afford the education of their children in good private schools. As a result, in India, in our current social context, a child born poor is guaranteed to remain poor for life.

The objective of Education Park is to work towards overcoming the limitations of quality education in rural India. This is to be done with the purpose to bring the children of poor economic background to mainstream so that they can compete with others. We believe that by providing an opportunity of high quality education and vocational training in rural areas, we can catalyze the growth of rural areas and hence growth of the country.

Education Park not only runs school for children but also the training programs for adults and elders of the society. The training program would include Farmer’s training, Solar energy training, English language training, Computer training and Professional courses, Vocational training etc. using nearly the same infrastructure.

Current Status of Education Park

The Education Park is now successfully providing education to more than 1000 students coming from over 40 nearby villages. Having done this, now there is an intense focus to promote skill development oriented programs towards job creation. Education Park already has Kisan Urja Training center developed for this purpose. Some skill development programs like solar energy training and farmers training are already going on. Currently 30 participants are taking training on solar system installation under 3 months residential program. Several other skill development program like welding, plumbing, electrician, masonry, brick making, teachers training etc. are planned. Conducting these training programs require development of tool workshop, classrooms as well as accommodation facilities. There is enough space in the campus to develop these facilities.

Our philosophy is to add infrastructure to Education Park from donations and take fee from students (school operation) and participants (training center operation) for running the infrastructure. With this philosophy sustainability of the project can be ensured.

Due to non-profit nature of the Education Park, all the students are getting subsidized education, but especially some students coming from very weak economic background are getting additional subsidy. This ensures that we take care of all sections of the society and everybody gets opportunity to utilize the resources created at Education Park (kindly see Education Park- Concept and current status August 2016.